Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

The Great Barrier Reef is in great hands. Ours and yours.
The design and production team worked closely with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to launch their latest community awareness campaign. This six-video series was broadcast nationally across the Reef Authority’s various social media channels. A suite of design assets for digital and print media were completed for supporting campaign content.


Our services included direction, cinematography, talent interviews, audio capture, drone videography, and campaign photography for both online and print media, shot in 16:9 and 9:16 formats.

The project was managed with an in-house post-production workflow, covering offline edits, colour grading, and final delivery. We collaborated with Adib Parker (Cheekbone Music) for custom music and sound engineering to enhance the series’ emotional impact.

Our team developed pre-visual motion references, design typography, and delivery for print and digital media, showcasing our capabilities in producing high-quality campaign content.

The content intertwines the stories of dedicated individuals working for and with the Reef Authority. By focusing on the human element of conservation, the campaign illustrates that the Reef’s guardians are as diverse as its ecosystem.

The campaign inspires a message of shared custodianship, reinforcing the collective responsibility for the Reef.

In Great Hands | Steph’s Hands

Subject: Master Reef Guides

Location: Magnetic Island

In Great Hands | Jason’s Hands

Subject: Traditional Owners

Location: Cairns / Port Douglas

In Great Hands | Jake’s Hands

Subject: Field Work

Location: Yeppoon

In Great Hands | Matthew’s Hands

Subject: Reef Guardian School Teacher

Location: Cairns

In Great Hands | Ema’s Hands

Subject: Reef Guardian School Student

Location: Cairns / Port Douglas

In Great Hands | Sascha’s Hands

Subject: Sustainability

Location: Pallarenda / Townsville

The Brief

To showcase the Great Barrier Reef’s uniqueness and underscore the collective responsibility for its protection. The campaign aims to highlight the Reef Authority’s significant role and the effectiveness of individual and collective conservation efforts.

Highlight the hands-on conservation efforts by Reef specialists and Australians and showcase the significant impact of these contributions by:

  • Reaching a broad audience, including local residents of the catchment area and wider Australian population.
  • Combatting climate change messaging fatigue by linking conservation to personal values and the impact of collective action.
  • Convey the unparalleled collaboration between the Reef Authority, its partners, and Australians is crucial for the Reef’s future.