We are on a mission

To capture, engage and grow our clients' audiences through collaboration, strategy, and creativity.

What keeps us moving


Give advice that we believe in


Respect and understanding


Have pride in everything that we do


Pushing the boundaries

Our story

Vetta Productions was founded in 2012 by Kassia Piva and Sarah Hill. Two local Townsville Graphic Designers and creatives who knew there had to be a better way to do business creatively. They set up Vetta to be an environment where creatives could actually create and the clients could benefit from their local knowledge and collaboration of a multi-talented, multiskilled team of creatives.

‘We saw a lot of colleagues underutilised and eventually leave because they weren’t being challenged creatively.  In Townsville we see a lot of talented people leaving the region because they have nothing to aspire to as far as their career progression.  We wanted to be that creative agency that allowed talented people their creative freedoms and that ultimately benefits the client because they get a better product.’

We were also seeing a lot of marketing spend being sent to agencies down south, who did not understand our unique North Queensland culture. It’s important to us that we align local businesses with passionate people that they can benefit from. Being local has huge advantages and allows you to see opportunities in the market that interstate agencies can.

We wanted to challenge the perception that creatives are difficult to work with. That creativity doesn’t ‘do’ anything for business. It’s not just creativity for creativity’s sake, it’s basically realising that creativity can actually help you sell.

We wanted to do it on our own and we wanted to do it together.