Ben van Houts

Ben van Houts

Ben van Houts

Ben van Houts

Ben joined the team at Vetta Creative in August 2023. Since earning his Bachelor’s in Communication Design in 2003, Ben has built a breadth of experience and offers many years of expertise to the production team.

Ben brings a genuine passion for visual storytelling to each project, guided by his dedication to industry best practices.

During his stint as a Lecture of Time Based Media at James Cook University, Ben crafted engaging video lectures which earned him recognition for excellence in 2016.

Ben has a love for understanding how things work and extends this beyond his line of work, he enjoys sharing his knowledge with those eager to learn.

More recently, Ben spent five years as a content producer for the North Queensland Cowboys, refining his creative skills in the high-energy world of professional rugby league.

Melissa Pierce


Melissa Pierce

Melissa joined the Vetta team in May 2023 as a Senior Graphic Designer and Animator with more than 10 years’ experience in digital design, animation and user interface design. 

Melissa studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Design and Communications and a Bachelor of Business, Advertising at QUT in Brisbane. 

She has worked in several agencies across the globe including Mosaic in Toronto and Alphawhale and Straight Out Digital in Melbourne where she honed her skills in user interface design.  

Her reputation as a highly skilled, passionate, strategy-lead designer is evident in the exceptional work she has produced so far.  

In her spare time Melissa enjoys traveling, exploring Townsville and surrounds and spending time with her partner and kitten Indie.  

Kassia Piva


Kassia Piva

Originally from the Burdekin, Kassia moved to Townsville in 2001 to study a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Communication Design at JCU. After which she spent 10 years honing her Graphic Design skills working at advertising agencies, for government departments and as a freelancer.

After seeing a gap in the market Kassia co-founded Vetta Creative with her ‘work wife’ Sarah Hill in 2012. ‘We were creating this amazing content that never saw the light of day because it came down to bad delivery. We care about the delivery; we care that it actually gets out there in the world and that it moves businesses forward and we take great pride in that.’

Kassia is passionate about strategic creativity, ‘Agencies are held more to account now more than ever. But this presents an exciting opportunity to target campaigns like never before and to achieve measurable success for the client. A way to prove that creativity actually works. It really does rely on your nous and creativity which is the only thing that people can’t do themselves in a lot of circumstances.’

Luke McLeod


Luke McLeod

Luke McLeod joined the Vetta team in 2021 as a Content Creator. With seven years of experience as a photographer and videographer, producing content for television and social media, as well as live sports and events coverage.

Luke grew up in Mackay, where he completed a traineeship in media and quickly transitioned to a full-time camera operator and editor.

In 2017 he moved to Townsville, where he studied a Bachelor of Creative Arts and Media in Photography at JCU, whilst working as a freelance photographer and videographer.

Luke enjoys working in our creative environment where he gets to collaborate and learn from our design and marketing teams.

As a St George-Illawarra Dragons tragic, you can find Luke most weekends donning the Red V in the streets of Townsville the morning after a win.

Callum McDonald


Callum McDonald

Callum joined the Vetta team in January 2021, shortly after he graduated with a Bachelor of Business from Queensland University of Technology in 2020 majoring in Marketing and International Business.

Callum’s head-on approach to marketing and communication challenges, combined with a keen eye for brand perception and reputation, saw him transition to the role of Marketing Coordinator just six months into his time at Vetta.

Constantly widening his knowledge base in the technical workings of the digital sphere, Callum is our resident social network and website optimisation specialist. From platform integrations to audience targeting, Callum brings an analytical approach to all marketing activities and campaigns to get your message to the right people at the right time.

Callum is an active member of the Townsville Cycle Club; loves making the spontaneous day trip and can whip up a storm in the kitchen. A Sydney Swans tragic, you can also find him walking with Luke around town in red and white after a win.

Robert Crispe


Robert Crispe

Robert Crispe joined the Vetta team in April 2020 as a Content Director/Producer with eight years’ experience in filmmaking, directing and producing. He leads our team of visual storytellers; a creative collective who work with a wide range of clients from concept stage to delivery of both commercial and artistic videos and photos.

Robert first discovered his passion for filmmaking while studying for a Bachelor of New Media Arts at James Cook University in his hometown Townsville. After graduating Robert relocated to London to work as an in-house content director/editor for adam&eve, DDB before returning to Australia to join DDB in Sydney. During this time Robert worked on commercial campaigns, creating content for iconic brands such as Volkswagon, Sydney Opera House, McDonald’s and electronic group Pnau, whilst independently directing music videos for artists in Australia and abroad.

Robert brings his wealth of experience to the Vetta team, providing clients with on-brief visual works while applying his innovative and unique filmmaking style to projects with an out-of-the-box approach. He describes his style as empathetic and raw which he expresses by experimenting with in-camera techniques to create an immersive experience for the viewer that explores human connection.

Robert enjoys a relaxed lifestyle and spends his weekends drawing, looking after his plants and watching films.

Su Gopal


Su Gopal

Su joined the Vetta team in May 2021 as our Senior Graphic Designer with more than 20 years’ experience in digital design and print.

Su honed her skills at JCU Townsville by studying for a Bachelor of Communication and Design. Receiving a minor in French she found an opportunity to work abroad before returning to work as a designer in Townsville.

Su then spent 15 years in Melbourne where she designed for a number of national brands. Su was able to combine her passions for design and environmental sustainability with companies Australian Ecosystems, Biofilta and Live at The Cape.

Su loves having the opportunity to be creative and turn information into something visual that can have a lasting impact and influence on people.

Sarah Hill


Sarah Hill

For our Co-founder/ Co-director Sarah, small business is in her blood, having grown up above her parent’s deli in Mackay. From an early age, she understood the volatile nature of business, the importance of staying relevant and looking after your people.

Straight out of high school Sarah moved to Townsville to study a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Communication Design. After a traineeship at Perc Tucker Gallery, Sarah spent over a decade working as a Graphic Designer for Townsville’s leading advertising agencies before eventually meeting fellow designer Kassia Piva and founding Vetta Productions in 2012. Over the past 10 years, Sarah has devoted her time to making Vetta the top creative agency in Townsville.

Sarah is a passionate creative (she can’t help it, she’s Italian) who believes giving opportunities to creatives in the region is good for business.

‘We saw a lot of colleagues underutilised and eventually leave because they weren’t being challenged creatively.  We also saw a lot of marketing spend being sent to agencies down south, who did not understand our unique North Queensland culture. It’s important to us that we align local businesses with creative people that benefit from each other. Being local has huge advantages and allows you to see opportunities in the market that no one else can.’

In her spare time…ha ha, just kidding, business owners don’t have spare time.